BioLogic Bike Mount™ for iPhone 4 / 4S

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BioLogic Bike Mount™ for iPhone 4 / 4S

USD 39.95

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Quick Overview

  • The Bike Mount™ fits iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

  • Hard engineering plastic case protects against knocks and scratches

  • RidgeSeal case design protects your phone from weather, sweat, and grime -- meets IPX4 water resistance standard

  • Welded, touch-sensitive membrane gives complete access to iPhone applications

  • Weather-sealed windows and ports for front and rear cameras, headphones, and charge cable

  • Double-pivot lock system for secure case closure

  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G with the 3GS/3G silicone liner (sold separately)

Plus, get a spare BioLogic Heavy Duty Bracket with 25% off now.


Product Description

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  • The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s lets you attach your iPhone to the handlebar of your bike so you can use GPS and an appropriate app, like BioLogic BikeBrain™, to track your position, your speed, or distance travelled, while you ride. The Bike Mount is a weatherproof case with a welded touch sensitive membrane so your iPhone is completely protected from the weather but still fully functional. The inside of the case is lined with silicone for shock resistance.

    This iPhone 4/4s Bike Mount pivots so you can use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. Membrane protected openings for the front and rear camera lenses lets you take video or pictures while you ride. A recess in the silicone liner accepts charge cables. Suitable for handlebars or stems with a diameter of 38 mm (1.5”) or smaller.

    Dimensions and Weight of the Bike Mount for iPhone 4/4s:

    • Case dimensions: 14.2 x 8 x 2 cm (5.6 x 3.1 x 0.8")

    • Case weight: 92 g (3.2 oz)

    • Bracket height: 1 cm (0.4")


    • iPhone 4/4s Bike Mount case

    • Silicone liner for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

    • Mounting bracket

    • Hex key to attach bracket

    iPhone not included.

    LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY INFORMATION: This Product comes with a ONE (1) YEAR Limited Warranty from the date of the retail purchase by the original end-user. If a material or workmanship defect arises and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, the Product will be replaced. BioLogic and Premium Bike Gear cannot be held liable for damages to personal property due to misuse or improper care and maintenance. This Product Warranty does not, under any circumstance, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic or personal property used with the Product.
  • Customer Reviews

    1. Great Case - plastic not durable Review by bobo_fly2012
      Please rate the overall product

      I have had my Biologic case for the iPhone 4 for almost a year and a half. I liked the case and the locking mechanism made the case water tight. When my phone overheated being in the sun during the Hotter N Hell Hundred, I just pored water over the case it cooled the phone without it getting wet.

      The plastic on the case and the locking mechanism was good but was not rugged enough. The plastic was cracking around the locking mechanism and it eventually broke off the mount when I fell on my bike. I just did a fall over and just landed on my shoulder. Nothing on the bike hit the ground but the phone broke the mount and flew off. The case protected the phone, but now I am looking for another case.

      I was not going to upgrade my phone to the 5S but since I have to get a new case I may do both at the same time. Naturally I am going to look at the biologic first. (Posted on 2/6/14)

    2. Nice to have Review by Wilfred DSa
      Please rate the overall product

      Replaces your tachometer, torch, and all other heavy accessories. Very convenient
      Maybe the only down side would be that ithe phone cannot be used without a headset. (Posted on 12/23/13)

    3. Excellent case Review by Anderson
      Please rate the overall product

      I use it on my motorcycle-- did a lot of research to find the right case for my needs and this has shown me that I've made the right selection. (Posted on 9/18/12)

    4. Ok Review by Wil Z Thrill
      Please rate the overall product

      This seems to be a good product. My complaint is a small one. I want the product centered right in the middle of my handle bars. With the way the mount is built it will be slightly to the left. I realise that this is silly but I like everything on my bike symmetrical. And the mount isnt. Other than that no complaints. There seem to be other products on the market slightly less costly. It is worth the extra $? Thats hard to say. (Posted on 9/4/12)

    5. Just what I needed Review by Slipa
      Please rate the overall product

      I haven't tested this in the rain, yet, but it looks like it should handle it. Overall, a very nice product. (Posted on 8/24/12)

    6. Very Good Product Review by il
      Please rate the overall product

      It is a good quality, well designed product, and I can definitely trust it with my iPhone. easy to use and mount. I had a little crash with my bike and nothing happened to the mount/iPhone.
      I also bought the heavy duty mount because I thought that the regular mount wont be sufficient. I was wrong, the regular mount that comes with it is strong enough to handle the job.
      the only thing that could be better is the ability to loosen the mount in order to change its angle without the special tool that comes with it (as you can do with the heavy duty mount).
      (Posted on 8/24/12)

    7. Seems to be the best out of all my research for a iPhone bike mount Review by Harold
      Please rate the overall product

      I was excited when the product arrived well ahead of schedule. After the unpacking the mount, I found it to be very durable, and well made.

      It fit perfect on my new mountain bike, and excited to test it out tomorrow when I'm out doing some biking in the Lake Tahoe area.

      From what I can tell, this unit is a WINNER! I would give it 5-Stars, but I haven't fully had it out on any trails to check out the durability, clarity of the screen while riding and such. I'm sure it will be just fine.

      Again, I had done a bunch of research of different devices and this once all-in-all seemed to be the best for the price. ORDER one today!
      (Posted on 8/7/12)

    8. Great Review by Zungoeie
      Please rate the overall product

      The case is mounted on my BMW GS1200 for navigating with Navigon, works like a charm. I have made a couple of movies while riding.. the movies are great, though there is a lot of vibration visible when you put the throttle on but that's logical. The sound of the engine is therefore also a bit on the background but still sweet ;)

      The only reason not giving 5 stars is because of the fact that this whole product isn't provided in an aluminium (or any other motor ride proof material) case/clip... I have the feeling that the 'plastic' mounting clip will some day be worn out. Especially on a motor bike you need some solid attachments. Plastic is a wear-down substance, even worse when the case-rotating part gets sluggy (only way is to glue it in one position) too bad if that happens... hopefully you guys will upgrade the mounting parts in the future! I will definitely buy it! Love all of it in aluminium!!!!

      All in all a fantastic product regarding the iphone is really smartly protected against rain / water, even the charging cable is inside of the case.. very well done indeed.

      A must have for iphone users who don't want to buy a Garmin (or whatever) to navigate while riding their motor bikes. A great extra is that filming your ride is a piece of cake :)

      Kindest regards from The Netherlands.

      (Posted on 7/15/12)

    9. only one problem Review by mat
      Please rate the overall product

      the belt and screw used to attach the clip to the bar are made of plastic and make it impossible to tighten it completely. it still holds well enough for road biking but I doubt it will if I hit holes or bumps. I'm a little disappointed (Posted on 7/5/12)

    10. Bike mount for I-phone 4 Review by slider3w
      Please rate the overall product

      This is really a great product for a very reasonable price. Fantastic shipping time. Glad I took a gamble and ordered from them, would do it again in a heartbeat!! (Posted on 7/5/12)

    11. Excellent product Review by Ronsbmws
      Please rate the overall product

      I use this on my motorcycle for GPS, phone and music. Works fantastic! Shipped very quick. I'm very satisfied! (Posted on 7/4/12)

    12. good but bulky Review by one time
      Please rate the overall product

      Overall a perfect way to ride your bike with your iPhone. (Posted on 7/4/12)

    13. Good product exposes weakness in software UI Review by Jeff G
      Please rate the overall product

      The case & mount are excellent. The phone fits the rubber/foam liner perfectly (when removed from a case or bumper) and the mount hold the phone securely and safely. It is also protected well from the elements. The home and sleep button are very accessible. Only the volume buttons are not.

      My only problem is that the using the mount exposes the fact that the Biologic software UI on some screens (the home screen) is difficult to see in the direct sunlight because of its dark background. The other screens are hi contrast and easier. But I like the map and other details more than just numbers. (Posted on 6/28/12)

    14. Awesome Product Review by psal42
      Please rate the overall product

      This was just what I was looking for! This is perfect for the iPhone and very durable. The screen use is just as good as if the iPhone wasn't in the case. Just an awesome product! (Posted on 6/28/12)

    15. Excellent product Review by aguiraf
      Please rate the overall product

      Easy to order, arrived promptly, easy to install. Overall use excellent. I highly recommend ordering from this company and this ordering this product. (Posted on 6/26/12)

    16. fits on the bars very well - quality product and very fast shipping Review by radicalsteve
      Please rate the overall product

      fits on the bars very well - quality product and very fast shipping (Posted on 6/25/12)

    17. does it's job well Review by ea
      Please rate the overall product

      protects well, durability ok. and bike mount works well. only downside ist the photo/video quality, which is poor through the case "lens". (Posted on 6/24/12)

    18. Well done Review by polemale
      Please rate the overall product

      Very secure, it closes perfectly, no shock to your iphone. Well done. (Posted on 6/21/12)

    19. Good Product Review by Rick
      Please rate the overall product

      Works great and allows you to listen to music and use with cycle meter.

      Itunes will change songs when you hit bumps and it's very hard to see the screen with the glare.

      $50 is a little high (Posted on 6/17/12)

    20. Wonderful except Review by Fred
      Please rate the overall product

      I really like this product. However, I managed to snap off the unit from the handlebar mount and had to reorder another. I like it so much that I ate the cost of a new one. So, be careful with removing it from the mount. Otherwise, perfect! (Posted on 6/15/12)

    21. Great attachment device Review by Adam
      Please rate the overall product

      This is great. I wish I could buy just some additional attachments, as I could take one to the grocery store and mount my phone on the shopping cart without having to take the one off my bike, With so many specials that you have to put on your grocery account first or you don't get them, its handy to have right there in front of you. We go each month and buy a lot of stuff.

      And, for the bike, its the greatest thing to replace my old wireless speedometer that stopped working. The iphone display is so much better than what I had before so this has worked out really great. And, super fast shipping as well.

      Thanks for a great product and delivery. (Posted on 6/13/12)

    22. Great!!! Review by Rodrigo
      Please rate the overall product

      Great product. Fast shipment. (Posted on 6/12/12)

    23. good product. overpriced for the build quality. Review by rdw_forums
      Please rate the overall product

      The product works as advertised. I feel comfortable having my iPhone in the case. If it does come off the bike, it'll be well protected. My two negatives would be: 1. the case and all parts are fairly cheap feeling plastic. too expensive for the build quality. 2. The bike mount is a bit awkward and hard to get on. I also feel that because of the build quality, the bike mount is going to wear after a few seasons and not hold the iPhone any longer. (Posted on 6/11/12)

    24. Very Good Product Review by Jeff
      Please rate the overall product

      My only complaint is that you cannot fit an L-shaped jack into the headphone receptacle. (Posted on 6/7/12)

    25. AWESOME UNIT! Review by El Immigrante
      Please rate the overall product

      My iPhone 4 case with HD bike mount came in last week (literally overnight)....WOW! Anyway, I threw my phone in and headed for a mountain bike ride the very next morning. The sound through the case is incredible- very loud and clear! I could hear every email notification, text tone, etc. The case protected the phone from my sweat, occasional water from my Camelback and dust. The best part is that after climbing and getting ready to hit some fast, steep, rock and bumpy single track, I adjusted the mount so the iPhone would film the ride. The mount held the iPhone in place perfectly! The window on the backside created a little distortion from the vibration which was a little disappointing but I think that the only way to solve this problem would be to film without a case. You guys get an A from me!!! (Posted on 6/5/12)

    26. good product Review by mayrpi
      Please rate the overall product

      Easy to instal, realy good quality and completely water proof. Only flaw is that you have to take of the protective case of the IPhone when you put it in the bick mount.

      Over all very good product 5 stars (Posted on 6/5/12)

    27. Cyclist's necessity Review by Anni
      Please rate the overall product

      Gave one as a present for my daughter who commutes with her bike. Extremely fast delivery and very pleasant shopping experience; good value for money. Some user feedback: very easy to mount, all the necessary features that are required in cycling. However, if one could use the phone for phone calls when it is in the box, then it would be just perfect. Currently, the headphones are your only access to sound. (Posted on 6/4/12)

    28. Excellent Review by Dan
      Please rate the overall product

      Product came as described and worked perfectly. This product arrived quickly and without any issues. Very positive experience. (Posted on 5/29/12)

    29. Great Product if a Bit Overpriced Review by Gainesville Rider
      Please rate the overall product

      The product works exactly as promised. Two minutes to install the mount on the handlebars, and it does mount the phone securely and has some cushioning to help protect against damage to the phone. Shipping was remarkably fast - I had it in Florida (shipped from Taiwan) in about 3 days! The price is a bit high for what it really is, but it's the best deal I have found. Also, the audio from your phone will be worthless due to the phone being enclosed in waterproof case and the wind noise in the ears. However, what a great way to have a full, personally configured "dashboard"! I use it with Cyclemeter. (Posted on 5/29/12)

    30. Exaclty what I was looking for Review by DFox
      Please rate the overall product

      This case is perfect for me. I go on 20 mile rides a few times per week, plus commute to work on my bike and this holds up great. I love it. (Posted on 5/29/12)

    31. OK Review by Jonas V Joergensen
      Please rate the overall product

      The product is ok, but when you order it to Denmark we have to pay 25% in tax, + tax of the delivery. I ordered for 200$ and have to pay almost 90$ in taxes.. :0( (Posted on 5/27/12)

    32. Worth the money, the best smartphone case you can buy Review by jamesc
      Please rate the overall product

      I love this thing! feel completely confident if i ever were to crash that my iphone would come out unharmed. They really thought this one out, makes the cycling experience much more enjoyable, products like this are what is putting a hurt on Garmin sales. Why buy the $700 Garmin when you can buy this for $50?

      My only gripes

      This is with the bikebrain app mainly-
      -No heart rate/cadence monitor support
      -No backup to a PC, if i were to loose my phone, there goes all my data

      Like i said before, i think this is the best iphone case you can buy, well designed, well thought out, Money well spent. Thanks biologic! (Posted on 5/24/12)

    33. Have some disadvantages Review by AntMatrik
      Please rate the overall product

      Overall product is OK. Unfortunately have some disadvantages. Does not have port for light sensor - it means that you have to change phone brightness manually. Mount is not very durable - fall several times until was upgraded by myself with additional fastener. (Posted on 5/24/12)

    34. Perfect for street bike Review by Matt L
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought and use this on my Ducati and love it. (Posted on 5/24/12)

    35. Awesome mount Review by Tom
      Please rate the overall product

      Love the iPhone 4 mount and the BikeBrain app.

      Just ordered a second for my wife's bike! (Posted on 5/23/12)

    36. Perfect console! Review by OmaHawk
      Please rate the overall product

      Great product. Fits my iphone 4S perfectly. The case snap mechanism is well constructed and appears durable. I have not crashed or forced it through any harder elements than light drizzle, so I can't yet comment on toughness, but it would seem to be a very well built product. The snap connection fits snug to the handlebars. Lastly, 2 day shipping from Taiwan?! Amazing but true! I would certainly recommend this product. (Posted on 5/22/12)

    37. good but... Review by RayB
      Please rate the overall product

      I agree with the comments stated above. Nice fit on the bike. The issue is low light on the screen. I've played with this and honestly given up using my phone when it's in the case. I use endomondo to track my biking. be aware the lighting is bad. If you use another case for non-bike use, it will have to come off to fit in this bike case. (Posted on 5/22/12)

    38. Great quality, great customer service Review by Lorenzo
      Please rate the overall product

      Great quality, does exactly what they say it does, and the demo videos are not fake: It firmly attaches to your bike, and it won't move even if you're a hard mountain-biker, specially with the additional high-grip bracket mount.

      It's weather sealed, the touch screen works flawlessly, you have access to audio jack, phone lock button and home button. It easily detaches in the event you have to walk away from your bike.

      I've had a problem with a defective bracket and the customer service is absolutely great: They sent me a product replacement without any charge!

      I had several things I wanted my iphone bike mount to fulfill when I was searching for one on the internet, and this one accomplished all of them completely!

      Thanks. (Posted on 5/16/12)

    39. Good product. Room for improvements. Review by Ruud
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought this bike mount, for a different bike... a Yamaha Venture XVZ13TD. I was in search for a waterproof housing for my iPhone, while still be able to use it as navigation (and music player).
      That last part is not tested by me yet (3,5" headphones plug).
      The housing itself feels very sturdy. I assume it can take a beating.
      Mounting it on the bike is very easy (even with a motorcycle handle bar).
      I could use a swivel option though. Rotating is possible (with a 'click mechanism' is stays on that position you put it in). But to get to the ideal position/angle, a swivel would be more then welcome.
      My second experience, with this mount, is that under certain circumstances it is very hard to see the display of my iPhone due to (sun-) light on the display/mount.
      Yes, I removed the adhesive protection layer :-)
      When starting my iPhone, whilst inside the mount, the display turns very dark.
      I have to open up the casing and let the light 'reset' my display settings.
      I guess I can prevent that by configuring the iPhone display settings.
      Overall; satisfied customer hoping for a different (optional) mounting kit. (Posted on 5/13/12)

    40. Great Product Review by Captain rob
      Please rate the overall product

      i simply love it! Well worth the price for the peace of mind of protecting the Iphone. Well worth the investment...And I can look at my cyclemeter app as i go for long rides on my bike. (Posted on 5/13/12)

    41. Love it! Review by smrymrty
      Please rate the overall product

      This is just so perfect. My Iphone is secure, I can work it through the case, and can hear it when my app (mapmyride) tells me how fast I went every 5 miles. Can't imagine anything to improve upon. (Posted on 5/13/12)

    42. Excellent Quality Review by B-Dog scv
      Please rate the overall product

      Overall I'm very happy with the phone holder. Great while riding my bicycle. The bracket seems a bit cheap, probably should have opted for the better bracket, but didn't want to spend more money. It arrived very quickly. Would get 5 stars if bracket was better. (Posted on 5/9/12)

    43. Excellent Review by Bobby
      Please rate the overall product

      This bike mount works great. It was exactly what I wanted for my road bike. (Posted on 5/9/12)

    44. I use it every day - great! Review by Fred
      Please rate the overall product

      I am very happy, just what I needed. (Posted on 5/8/12)

    45. Goed produkt Review by Nick
      Please rate the overall product

      Ik vind het een geweldig goed produkt ziet er goed en stevig uit, bediening werkt nog goed. Levering ging ook zeer vlot. Alleen jammer dat je na 2 a 3 weken nog een factuur krijgt van FedEx over de BTW en invoerrechten waar je dan niet meer op gerekend had. (Posted on 5/6/12)

    46. This is an excellent product Review by Webmanic
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought this recently to use on a cucle trip down the east coast of Tasmania. it performed well in all terrain and conditions. I did alot of research on similar products and thought this one was the best at the moment and I was not disappointed. Really liked this product.
      Good points:
      - great design and loved the secure clip to close the case.
      - the bike mount seemed robust and gave no problems the whole ride. Slipped a little on rough terrain but that was probably my fault for not securing it tight enough.
      - the ability to rotate your phone horizontal and vertical is clever and useful.
      - it was not a problem on some pretty rough terrain. So much so that i took it off and put in my jersey because my bike was shaking to bits. The mount was fine I was just worried about the phone.
      - Using the phone through the cover was excellent
      - I used the Bike Mount with the CycleTunes speakers. It was flawless and worth it.
      - I charged the phone while riding sometimes by using an external battery (not Biologic Reecharge - I think this could be far more compact and larger capacity). in the end my iphone4 could last about 4 hours running the Bikebrain App and ipod music at the same time. It was good enough for most rides.
      - The bike brain App is simply brilliant and definitely one of the better one's to have when riding. I just wish the toggle buttons were slightly larger and there was a display for the battery left so that you could manage the charge (not the iphone default as it is too small to focus on when riding). I was also impressed that the App kept running even when I switched the phone off at times so the ride was still fully recorded.

      However I thought the following may be considered in future development:
      - The biggest issue I had was taking photos with the phone with the cover on. The clear plastic cover on the cover is curved around the perimeter which distorts the photo around the edge like a starburst effect. it needs to be modified.
      - The button used on the case to match the iphone is not responsive in that you don't know how hard to press it to activate the iphone button underneath. Perhaps to have a 'click' or something.
      - I used the phone to take video while riding but it was difficult to get a position on the handlebar in relation to the clip location where it had a clear view of the road.
      - I wonder if this clip on the back will wear out if you repeatedly change the orientation of the phone?
      (Posted on 5/4/12)

    47. much better product than previous Review by elvi679`
      Please rate the overall product

      I had owned the previous model - this new design I find is a much better product than their previous version - better clamping of the "door" which keeps your cell phone in place even over some rough terrain. sure there are "cheaper" ones in the marketplace - but most do not provide full coverage - would recommend to anyone looking for this type device. (Posted on 5/3/12)

    48. Very fast service and a great product Review by Bill
      Please rate the overall product

      This is the 3rd handlebar mount I have bought for my iPhone and is the last. The mount is rock solid on the handle bars, it is watertight (I got caught in a storm and no water got in), and has a screen cover and buttons that are smooth and responsive. I would also mention that each of the other products I have tried made the screen tough to read in even indirect sunlight but I have no such problems with the Biologic Bike Mount for the iPhone4.

      Thanks. (Posted on 5/1/12)

    49. Works great and keep my phone safe Review by JoBoBIke
      Please rate the overall product

      I have been using the BiLogic Bike Mount on both my bike using an extra bike mount. I have it strapped on to the bicycle bar stem and there has been no vibration or slippage.The screen is magic it is very responsive and has no hesitancy in doing as I want. I am very happy that I did the research and read the reviews. It is great to be rid of the computers that are mere toys in comparison to what my iPhone can do. (Posted on 5/1/12)

    50. Perfect !!! Review by Dinho
      Please rate the overall product

      Very fast !!! Perfect !!! (Posted on 4/30/12)

    51. It really meets my needs. Review by EZ rider
      Please rate the overall product

      I ride for exercise and have an iPhone app that selects music by beat to keep me on pace for predetermined amounts of time. I added a set of external speakers so my phone can attach to the handle bars and the speakers are on the frame. I didn't want to wear the phone and have the ear buds prevent me from hearing traffic. I can enjoy music, control my phone, hear the traffic and keep pace. It was very easy to mount and holds my phone securely. I don't lose my ability to control my phone and don't have to take the phone out of the case to make changes. My phone is protected from water, is conveniently placed, allows me to keep a hand on the handlebar and is protected by precise fitting foam in a tightly-sealed case. (Posted on 4/30/12)

    52. Needs a better mounting bracket! Review by Lee
      Please rate the overall product

      The case is excellent and very secure. The phone functions flawlessly and is protected and secure.
      The only problems I am having is that over simply slightly rough terrain the case tends to rotate around the bar. It seems that the clamp cannot hold it securely enough to prevent it. During regular riding on surface roads and paths this is not an issue, but even slightly rough paths cause an issue and I am constantly re-adjusting the case to stay in view.
      Also, the case itself is not centered correctly in the back, but is eccentric to the center line, which makes horizontal mounting asymmetrical in any orientation. This is ok if you are mounting the case on the handlebars, but if you mount on the handlebar neck it makes the horizontal position impractical and simply goofy looking!
      Over all, the case is great but I would have preferred a MUCH better mounting system for the money. Time will determine how durable it actually is.
      (Posted on 4/26/12)

    53. Fort Knox for my IPhone Review by mat63
      Please rate the overall product

      Would the phone stay in the case over rough roads was my main concern. With the long side latch and positive snap lock the entire enclosure is very rigid and resists flexing. Attachnemt to the bike is solid and secure. Worth the dollars for the peace of mind. The entire order process was easy, and the shipping was very quick. (Posted on 4/14/12)

    54. Works as advertised Review by RC Cola
      Please rate the overall product

      I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a cycling computer for some time - this is better! The Bike Mount for iPhone turns your iPhone into a great cycling computer ...and you have your iPhone too! (Posted on 4/10/12)

    55. Buy now Review by Curtis88
      Please rate the overall product

      If you want the best in the market, then buy this. (Posted on 4/9/12)

    56. awesome Review by Xilowen
      Please rate the overall product

      Great protecting case. Looks awesome on my bike!

      I am very please with the product and I was impressed by the delivery time. (Posted on 4/6/12)

    57. Awesome! Review by tep
      Please rate the overall product

      I feel like this is the product I have been waiting for. It's perfect for when I want to use my iPhone (bikebrain) or just have it there in case. (Posted on 4/5/12)

    58. So glad I found this! Review by JamieR
      Please rate the overall product

      I had looked at many different iPhone bike mounts before deciding on this on. I'm so glad I did. It fits my bike perfectly, iPhone is snug and secure, latches tightly, doesn't bounce. Great product. I would highly recommend! (Posted on 4/4/12)

    59. Very Good but not great. 3 1/2 stars Bike Mount problems. Review by Dirk
      Please rate the overall product

      The case works well but I had lots of problems with the handle bar mount. I couldn't get it tight enough from moving. When I tightened it down with the wrench the plastic stripped out. I had to use zip strips to anchor down. (Posted on 3/29/12)

    60. Case is great but mounting bracket could be better Review by Dean
      Please rate the overall product

      The case is sturdy and strong and works well with the touch screen, have no problems using the phone from within the case.

      The only issue I have which could definitely be improved is the mounting bracket. The bracket requires the use of an allen key to tighten but the plastic hose clamp style clip is very soft and can be over tightened quite easily stripping the teeth. This means that the holder is not so useful when on rough terrain as it can come loose quite easily. I think that they have the best mount on the market but could be made heaps better by having a better designed clamp for attachment, maybe even a quick release clamp that can be attached by hand like some of the lamp systems out there without the silly tag hanging out in front that can get caught on the brake cables. (Posted on 3/26/12)

    61. Execellent Review by HalZ
      Please rate the overall product

      Performed as expected, extremely well. Only one detail that needs fixing. The case covers up the light sensor, so riding on a sunny day it may act like its night time and dim the screen making it impossible to see. I had to turn off the variable screen brightness. Other then that, no complaints! (Posted on 3/12/12)

    62. This thing works Review by Petethepup
      Please rate the overall product

      Excellent design and execution. iPhone easy to control while in the mount. Does not distract from reading screen. I haven't ridden with it in the rain, but the way it's built I don't think water would get in.

      Software - clear, easy to use. I like being able to save routes and see them in Google maps.

      The app shows interface with pedaling cadence and heart rate monitor, but there is no documentation showing how to make that work. The company could be clearer that those features are in the future with transmitters. (Posted on 3/11/12)

    63. An exceptional product... Review by The Sound Man in California
      Please rate the overall product

      Was not sure when ordering that this was the mount and holder that I was looking for, but after the Bike Mount for my iPhone 4 arrived, it was clear to see, this is exactly what i needed. The construction is fantastic and it mounted on the handle bars straight away and I did not even need instructions. I have used it on every bike ride now, and have even shot some video with it over the handle bars. The interior shock system does an good job on keeping vibrations down for the video and was quite amazed. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants a serious, quality mount for their iPhone so they can ride without worrying about dropping their phone or should the worse happen, fail down...this Bike Mount will do its job and protect the phone and give you comfort knowing it is safe. (Posted on 3/11/12)

    64. The Bike Mount for iPhone 4 worked as it should have Review by William
      Please rate the overall product

      The delivery of my product was fast, and was delivered in a timely manner. My e-mail questions to BioLogic were answered very quickly, and they sent me my requested additional photos. The product has worked as advertised, and i am very happy with it. i did make some modification to it, so i could use it on my motorcycle. (Posted on 3/2/12)

    65. A good, honest product Review by Ricardo the Rider
      Please rate the overall product

      A good honset product that does exactly as it says and is as good as the reviewers say. Lightweight, strong, easily attached and detached and functional. (Posted on 3/1/12)

    66. Mounting bracket Review by Mtie
      Please rate the overall product

      Bike Mount case works very well, but the Mounting bracket included in the kit is not very stable. I saw another that sells separately Heavy Duty Bracket for Bike Mount (Posted on 2/23/12)

    67. That's an awesome product! Review by X-plorer
      Please rate the overall product

      I use it on my +STROMER- E:Bike for daily commuting as well on my mountainbike. It's total waterproof and my iPhone4 is comfortable and easily operated. (Posted on 2/19/12)

    68. Great Product Review by Miroslav M.
      Please rate the overall product

      As a mechanical engineer who practices mechanical design for many years I am in an excellent position to evaluate this product. I purchased it on line ( I was pleasantly surprised when got it a few days later. Every single detail is very well designed. It will exceed everybody (Posted on 2/17/12)

    69. I found this product to be just what i was looking for. Review by William
      Please rate the overall product

      This product is just what i was looking for, to keep my iPhone 4s safe and dry on my Motorcycle. when i sent a request and questions, the staff at Biologic was prompt in replying and giving me what i asked for. Thank You. (Posted on 2/14/12)

    70. Very good Review by Gregory
      Please rate the overall product

      Top ! (Posted on 2/13/12)

    71. Very good Review by Gregory
      Please rate the overall product

      Top ! (Posted on 2/13/12)

    72. Great Iphone mount Review by David
      Please rate the overall product

      Great to be able to have my iphone handy when I ride. Seems to do everything it said it will do. (Posted on 2/8/12)

    73. Great product Review by Scotty
      Please rate the overall product

      Fast delivery to New Zealand. Iit is sturdy and secure when mounted. It handles the roughest of mountain bike trails. (Posted on 2/6/12)

    74. Great product Review by Scotty
      Please rate the overall product

      Fast delivery to New Zealand. Iit is sturdy and secure when mounted. It handles the roughest of mountain bike trails. (Posted on 2/6/12)

    75. Happy Customer Review by Alonya
      Please rate the overall product

      Very easy to use, great product and timely delivery.

      Thank you. (Posted on 1/31/12)

    76. Great product Review by Beau
      Please rate the overall product

      I love this product and use it everyday. I am starting a website that reviews and features the best equipment to be used with iPhone. I am only featuring one company for the bicycling industry. I would love to showcase your product and either set up as an affiliate. I am waiting for your reply. Best regards, Beau Berlin (Posted on 1/27/12)

    77. Awesome Review by Ric
      Please rate the overall product

      Since installing this mount for my iPhone 4, i had two "roll overs" with it and kept the iPhone safe. Only thing is that there is no opening for the light sensor and i have to adjust the setting of the back light every time i go out for a ride. (Posted on 1/26/12)

    78. Works well and arrived on time Review by Monty64
      Please rate the overall product

      Product arrived as scheduled, was easy mount and works as advertised (Posted on 1/18/12)

    79. Very good product! Review by Cezar Lorenzini
      Please rate the overall product

      I used the product doing a ride in the country side the IPhone 4 was very protected. Very easy to buy and a quick delivery. Thanks (Posted on 1/10/12)

    80. Great case, even good for other things Review by zaXTer
      Please rate the overall product

      This is a great protective case with a very responsive screen. As I often go running in the winter, I use this case in my pocket to protect the iPhone from moisture. I just wish I could remove the bike clip connector for this purpose. (Posted on 12/29/11)

    81. Quality design and product Review by Julia
      Please rate the overall product

      Hi Like all the reviews above I really have lots positive to say about the BioLogic Bike Mount. I had been looking for a holder for a couple of years. This is by far the neatest, best quality design in both aesthetics and functionality I have come across.
      And your service is fast and efficient. The only reason I gave a 4 rather than 5 is because I too have had an issue with the wear on the serrated strap that is screwed in to hold it in place.
      I have just about finished a 1100km ride from the top to the bottom of the South Island of NZ and it has been great having the 'BikeBrain' app and BikeMount. The touch screen has had LOTS of wear - will be interested to see how it cleans up.
      Thanks for a quality product.
      (Posted on 12/11/11)

    82. Case needs a pothole in order to plug an item to the phone. Review by JCR
      Please rate the overall product

      I like the case, I just wish that you could plug an item to the phone while it's in the case!! (Posted on 12/1/11)

    83. Good Product Review by E
      Please rate the overall product

      The best iphone mount I ever bought. Love it!

      The only thing that holds me off from buying more from Biologic Store is the shipping courier, FedEx which billed me with ridiculous tax ($32 tax for this item only). I hope Biologic Store provide other shipping option like EMS or airmail. (Posted on 11/23/11)

    84. All good. Review by Etienne
      Please rate the overall product

      Very fast shipping, well packaged (eco-friendly). Great quality, easy installation. All good. Nothing bad to say. (Posted on 11/21/11)

    85. Everything as expected Review by Harry
      Please rate the overall product

      Easy to order, shipped quickly, attached to bike as described and works as indicated in promotional information. No complaints. No issues. (Posted on 11/16/11)

    86. Not 100% waterproof, but fabulous anyhow Review by bubblybev
      Please rate the overall product

      Today was the first real test of the iphone mount.
      I live in Darwin, Australia and the wet season is just starting. Today I rode to work in a tropical downpour. Not only did I ride 45 minutes in torrential rain, which completely drenched me in the first minute, but I was the "happy" recipient of a couple of bus tsunami's.
      As I had read a preview of someone still using the headphones in the rain, I decided to keep listening to music.
      Despite the complete and utter dunking, the music didn't miss a beat all the way to work. At work I checked the phone and mount. I did get some water in the case but it would have only been a couple of drops. The iphone does not seem damaged at all.
      From this point if I can predict a drenching I will pull out the headphones and put the rubber plug in.
      Considering the conditions I rode in, I am mighty impressed. The long term test will be how the case works over the full wet season where I can expect to be caught in the rain daily.
      If you ever invent a 100% waterproof case with headphones intact, I would love to hear about it.
      (Posted on 11/14/11)

    87. Bracket weakness Review by Tortoise
      Please rate the overall product

      The mount itself is excellent. But the handlebar bracket is the weak link. If you tighten it so it doesnt slip on the bar, you'll very likely strip it as I did. Used a rubber spacer to create enough friction to hold the phone stable. Very weak piece for an expensive bracket. (Posted on 11/13/11)

    88. well done guys!! Review by Karel Vinar
      Please rate the overall product


      I'm very happy with this, the iPhone 4 fits pretty well and I have passed few real watter resistant tests last weekend and all passed well even I had plugged headphones in. The only one thing which is quite annoying is that the light sensor is hidden, so the iPhone can't recognize outside light, so everytime I wanna use the case I have to switch from autoadjustment of backlight to manual and adjust the amount of backlight - on base of current situation - sunnyday/clouds/nite.. That's why I put -1 star. But generally great product, thank you!! (Posted on 11/8/11)

    89. well done guys!! Review by Karel Vinar
      Please rate the overall product


      I'm very happy with this, the iPhone 4 fits pretty well and I have passed few real watter resistant tests last weekend and all passed well even I had plugged headphones in. The only one thing which is quite annoying is that the light sensor is hidden, so the iPhone can't recognize outside light, so everytime I wanna use the case I have to switch from autoadjustment of backlight to manual and adjust the amount of backlight - on base of current situation - sunnyday/clouds/nite.. That's why I put -1 star. But generally great product, thank you!! (Posted on 11/8/11)

    90. Well designed, well made product. Completely satisfied with think biologic, their website and their purchasing process. Review by Jim
      Please rate the overall product

      Well made product. iPhone 4 fits easily into the BikeMount, and it mounts solidly on the bicycle handlebar, despite the handlebar being an irregular shape. iPhone 4 is easily operated while in the bike mount. This item was purchased for my wife so that she could cycle alone and have her phone easily and safely available while she rides. Though she has not dropped her bike or fallen off of her bike, it would appear that the iPhone 4 would survive a typical bike accident. (Posted on 11/8/11)

    91. iphone mount Review by Diego
      Please rate the overall product

      great product I can ride mine duke and use my phone as gps, love it +10 (Posted on 11/6/11)

    92. Excellent Review by Dirk
      Please rate the overall product

      great product, only minus is the mounting strap...... when transferring from my mountain bike to my road bike there is some wear present... it does not fasten firmly enough.

      Otherwise a great product and would refer it on.

      Cheers (Posted on 10/31/11)

    93. Good product. Review by Henry
      Please rate the overall product

      Just got this and it perfect fit for my iPhone. but the headphone jack cover is missing...while i riding with my bike.. (why it can be drop and not stick with the case !!? ) first time with my bike and it lost... a bit disappointed.

      Anyway , it still good product. (Posted on 10/31/11)

    94. Warning! Review by GERO
      Please rate the overall product


      an alle, die auf die Schwachsinnsidee kommen, diesen Artikel aus Deutschland zu bestellen: Gutes Produkt, aber Finger weg, kostet nette 25 Euro zus (Posted on 10/24/11)

    95. supr Review by Stana CZ
      Please rate the overall product

      Just Perfect (Posted on 10/20/11)

    96. Great Product Review by Kingo
      Please rate the overall product

      works well, very happy with it - am yet to test in the rain (Posted on 10/20/11)

    97. Great ! Review by Paulo Tartuce
      Please rate the overall product

      Amazing product ! I'm very satisfied ! (Posted on 10/18/11)

    98. Not bad at all Review by Shayne
      Please rate the overall product

      Works as advertised and works well with the rest of the setup on my Kwaka Ninja 250. The strap that holds it in place could be a little more robust as it could wear after a couple of removals (up grade bike) and the pivot point is not in the middle so if you have to mount it upside down in order for the assembly to fit, it hangs a bit low. But in my case it works out fine (Posted on 10/17/11)

    99. Great product Review by Josh
      Please rate the overall product

      Works great - I wouldn't bike without it. (Posted on 10/14/11)

    100. Very Good Review by Ziomaury
      Please rate the overall product

      Very good and useful product, and OK customer service and shipment. (Posted on 10/13/11)

    101. World Class Review by Webber-XX
      Please rate the overall product

      Just Perfect .. (Posted on 10/12/11)

    102. Very good Review by Lars
      Please rate the overall product

      The case mounts easily on different handlebars and is very easy to operate. Functions especially well on my mountain bike with the GPS Tracker App and the Cyclemeter App. Sturdy and durable. The case has all that you need. (Posted on 10/10/11)

    103. Great product with only minor flaws Review by JoeV
      Please rate the overall product

      The case does exactly what's needed -- hold the iPhone and protect it from the elements. In the minor annoyance category, the plastic screw doesn't hold quite tight enough to prevent slipping on rough roads and the case defeats the iPhone's auto-brightness feature forcing you to turn that feature off. In the wish-list category, I'd love to have an arm-band attachment so I could pop the case off the bike and onto my arm for weather protection with continued good GPS reception. (Posted on 10/6/11)

    104. Brilliant product, but beware of hidden shipping costs. Review by Benji
      Please rate the overall product

      Product is brilliant and does this exactly what I wanted. It looks really good, and is easy to install and use. Have seen a lot of imitations and there no where near as good as this. Only small issue is that in the wet and on bumpy roads it can slip a bit as the plastic holding screw can only be done up so tight. A metal screw would be better. NOTE: If you are purchasing this outside of the USA then beware of hidden shipping costs. I've been charged an extra (Posted on 9/27/11)

    105. Stem Mount? Review by Dennis
      Please rate the overall product

      When is a stem mount going to be available? I know that the original is universal and can be put on the stem but it is off-set and that distracts me. I would much rather the case be centered over the stem. Design another mount and I'll give this product 5 stars because the case itself it AWESOME! (Posted on 9/27/11)

    106. Good product Review by Dom
      Please rate the overall product

      I used it for the first time while biking and it worked great--much better than I expected. (Posted on 9/26/11)

    107. Excellent in every way. Review by tgruen
      Please rate the overall product

      Mounts securely, easy to use even while riding and protects my phone in the wet. I am very happy with it and have referred my riding buddies. (Posted on 9/26/11)

    108. Would recommed Review by abcdz
      Please rate the overall product

      The touch screen is great. Access to all features of the iPhone while encased is a definite plus. Like the ability to "plug In" to a charger. There was a glare, in some lighting, which made it difficult to see my tracking program but not enough not to recommend purchasing. Thought it was a might pricey, though. (Posted on 9/26/11)

    109. Perfect Review by Severi
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought one and after little experience I ordered another set for my wife.

      There should be options for brackets for different vehicles and such. I'm using this product mostly with motorcycles. And will use with "perambulator" (what a word!) with speakers!

      Quality product. Unfortunately shipping to Finland was expensive and I did it twice! (Posted on 9/25/11)

    110. Ok, At First. But Not Worth the $. Road Riding Only Review by Mtn Biker
      Please rate the overall product

      This was a great product at first. It would probably last for strictly road riding, but no trail riding. It did need re-adjusting every so often, but no big deal. Then it popped off from the band that connects it to the bike. I was able to snap it back in one time, but after that, it was too loose and popped off again very easily. Then while trying to snap it back in, the front plastic cover came off as well. It may be worth the money, if you;re careful with it and again, road riding only. I have a cheap rubber sleeve with as velcro strap that I use on my arm for working out, and attach to bike for GPS/Maps. It's not waterproof and doesn't protect the screen. But it stays in place and has lasted years. You decide. (Posted on 9/23/11)

    111. GREAT!!! Review by DuFF1
      Please rate the overall product

      The most valuable object I purchased in the last few months. My iPhone don't want to get out of it after the ride and I sometime use the casing for other outdoor activities. (Posted on 9/22/11)

    112. Great case though I am not hot on the mount Review by Robert
      Please rate the overall product

      The only thing I do not care for is the mount. I am a stickler for symmetry and there is no way to mount the case smack in the middle of the bike. No matter how it is mounted, it is always offset to one side or the other. Besides that it is a killer case and it is going to go from my road bike to the mountain bike (Posted on 9/22/11)

    113. Good product. Not perfect, but it does the job! Review by Bykmor
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought a Bike Mount and the BioLogic ReeCharge about a week ago in preparation for a 420 mile race from Salt Lake City to St George, UT. It rained almost the ENTIRE ride and the phone didn't get wet! I was able to receive texts and even sent a few (safely). The battery on my iPhone 4 stayed (re)charged (mostly- more below) for 28hrs! Hence the 4 star rating.

      There are some quirks:
      - It is very hard to see the screen in the daylight. Glare appeared on the screen right away. Make to to turn off 'auto-dimming' and turn the screen to full brightness, but it is still difficult to see.

      - I think it was the water drops on the screen that would sometimes activate 'touches'. Probably nothing you can do about that. Try to keep the screen dry.

      - This is Apple's fault, but that silly little adapter necessary to plug the USB charger in to the ReeCharge, has a very finicky connection. I lost charging several times and had to wiggle the connection to continue charging the phone. It actually let the phone completely discharge until I noticed it and started charging again, at which time the phone recharged. PLEASE make this adapter more durable!

      - The case was stolen off my bike at the end of the ride :-( I will probably have to buy another one.

      (Posted on 9/20/11)

    114. Great product which are water and shock tight Review by Torben Finn Laursen
      Please rate the overall product

      At last a product whick can protect your I-phone. Great for cycling and also watersports. (Posted on 9/19/11)

    115. Veryvimpressive Review by AspenWillow
      Please rate the overall product

      I used it for the first time while biking in Yosemite. It worked great--much better than I expected. The display is easy to read while riding. The only negative was how much battery power it sucked out of my iPhone in only a couple of hours. I guess I will have to get the battery recharger for longer trips. Now I know why such an impressive app was free. You must have the accessories for full performance but still well worth it. (Posted on 9/19/11)

    116. A very useful quality product Review by GFO
      Please rate the overall product

      This case is built very well. It accomplishes two tasks that are almost impossible to mix: first, it provides robust protection for my iPhone from shock and weather. My iPhone is actually safer in this case on my bike handle bars than it is in my pocket in its pocket case. Secondly, my iPhone remains completely visible and useable. The welded screen cover is the best touch sensitive protective screen I have used. The screen is fully visible and functional.
      The case has room for the iPhone usb connector, and I am able to charge it with a battery pack while riding. This is important to me because the gps function is a heavy battery drain.
      This case, and the upgraded BikeBrain app make a potent combination. I am able to track my ride and see my calls and messages come in. Excellent product!
      (Posted on 9/18/11)

    117. Great Review by Jay
      Please rate the overall product

      Does exactly as advertised. Great mount! (Posted on 9/18/11)

    118. Held up for 120K ride Review by robko
      Please rate the overall product

      Just finished the ... the Bike Mount was amazing for all 120K riding in 33C heat and my sweat and water bottle spilling on it ...

      Love it! (Posted on 9/14/11)

    119. This was it Review by Andr̩
      Please rate the overall product

      Your Case was the Think i needed. Fantastic handling and looking. Here I (Posted on 9/13/11)

    120. Quite good Review by Tuomas
      Please rate the overall product

      A good product, indeed. The only con comes from the fact, that the case isn't really waterproof. It is waterproof in light rain, but under the heavy weather conditions one have to put iPhone to other place. Ought to sew a rain coat for the case... But there are so many pros, that I recommend! (Posted on 9/13/11)

    121. Great Purchase Review by Rico
      Please rate the overall product

      Mount does everything it says it will, this product is fantastic. I bought it for my motorbike, and I can now use my GPS whenever necessary and check to see if calls are important enough to pull over and answer. I also run Sirius to my bluetooth helmet speakers and this mount makes changing stations at red lights a breeze. Overall if you're looking for a bike mount for iPhone 4 then stop searching and get this beauty. I bought 2 others (and returned them) before discovering this. (Posted on 9/12/11)

    122. Exactly what I wanted Review by Tracy G
      Please rate the overall product

      I was looking at $250-$300 bike computers for my husband's birthday gift before I discovered this product and I'm so glad I didn't buy anything else! I bought him this mount plus two iPhone apps - Bike Brain (free) and Cyclemeter ($4.99) - for a total of $80. We're training for a duathlon and we've been using this and the apps to track our rides for about a month now and I couldn't be happier with it. I installed it on his bike before I gave it to him and it took me about 1 minute (or maybe less) to figure it out. He tracks our stats and listens to music while we ride and the mount works perfectly - it's everything the company said it was and we love it. My husband has shown it to a couple of friends who have also purchased it and he thinks it's awesome. I appreciated the amount of information on the website about this product and was surprised there was even a short very helpful video so I could see exactly what it was and how to use it before I ordered. Great product - I would definitely recommend this (with the apps I mentioned above) over an expensive cycling computer if you have an iPhone. (Posted on 9/8/11)

    123. This is great Review by bek
      Please rate the overall product

      This product actually works better than I expected - what a pleasant surprise. Worth the price tag. (Posted on 9/7/11)

    124. Best Review by Goo
      Please rate the overall product

      Best iPhone bike case, period. Get it. (Posted on 9/6/11)

    125. Perfect Review by Roadie in Maine
      Please rate the overall product

      I had been carrying my iPhone in my under seat bag using RunKeeper ( for workout recording but missing most of the benefit of that program. After looking at many other options that all appeared likely to eventually spill the phone on the road I found BikeMount and it has been everything I had hoped for. (Posted on 9/5/11)

    126. It's the muts nuts Review by Keng
      Please rate the overall product

      The bike mount for iphone 4 is the muts nuts, Iv'e just come back from Scotland where I used it over a lot of forrest & farm tracks sbsolutley a must have. (Posted on 9/5/11)

    127. Nice and seems to work well. Review by Severi
      Please rate the overall product

      I'm using it with motorbikes and I wish the holder would be a bit stronger and to have some extra safety if holder fails.

      Package could contain more holders to be used with several bikes without extra purchase. (Posted on 9/4/11)

    128. Content Review by Buta
      Please rate the overall product

      Overall pleased, the glare is an issue, and the mount does tend to "loosen" or "slide" on my handlebar ( I ride singletrack ) but compared to everything else I researched this product was superior. (Posted on 8/30/11)

    129. Great product - shame about the misleading price Review by IrishStewSoItIs
      Please rate the overall product

      Got this a few weeks ago. Love the product - it works really well, very solid - but the price given said it included shipping. Then a week after receiving the Bike Mount in the post - and have paid the price quoted here - I got a demand for duty from TNT. Should have been told in advance that I would due expected to pay this! NOT good. Stewart (Posted on 8/25/11)

    130. Great product Review by Pete
      Please rate the overall product

      I love it! Worked well in the rain. I've since added an Ant+ antenna. full functionality, but have to leave the antenna off to be watertight. Looking forward to the new case with room tor the antenna. (Posted on 8/24/11)

    131. Great Product Review by DontBelieveInPseudonyms
      Please rate the overall product

      I've been using the Bike Mount for almost a month now and absolutely love it. I've been able to do away with my old cyclometer and replace it w/ my iPhone, which provides the same service and GPS functionality to boot. The case itself is sturdy and secure, and does a great job protecting my iPhone. The only knock I have on the product is the plastic piece that is used to mount the case to the handlebar. It does feel a little flimsy and if there's going to be a point of failure, it will probably be there. I would prefer that the mount be made of sturdier material and not vibrate so much when riding over rough ground. (Posted on 8/23/11)

    132. GREAT PRODUCT Review by ALAN
      Please rate the overall product


    133. You are getting what you pay for with this product. Review by Houston cyclist
      Please rate the overall product

      First of all, yes this case is PRICY. However, once you hold it in your hand you will understand why. It seams to be constructed and engineered to the highest standards.

      I use Jaybird (wireless) Bluetooth headphones to listen to music while also running the Bike Brian cycling app. This case is far auperior to anything else that is on the market.

      Way to go Biologic.
      (Posted on 8/21/11)

    134. Good product, some work would make it incredible. Review by tomklein
      Please rate the overall product

      I have had my bike mount for about a month now and I do like it. Its nice having it right on your handlebars so you can see what you are doing in an app like RunKeeper.

      The plastic construction makes me a bit nervous, and the screen gets pretty dirty pretty easily, especially with sweaty fingers. I feel the need to take the mount inside with me and clean it daily.

      I also think that this product works best for users using bluetooth headphones. I am an audiophile and I am yet to find a bluetooth headset that works for me. But, aside from that, I really like this product.
      (Posted on 8/18/11)

    135. Great product, top quality! Review by jkaczech
      Please rate the overall product

      Top product compare to others! Fast processing and delivery! (Posted on 8/15/11)

    136. Excellent iPhone Mount Review by Vinnie
      Please rate the overall product

      The mount is exactly as advertised. Securely holds phone in position on handle bars. I listen to music when I ride and it performs flawlessly. My headphones are bluetooth that link with the phone as well and you can actually talk on the phone hands free while riding and still see the screen although the brightness could be better (a phone rather than case issue). I have recommended the phone to other iPhone users who rider. Delivered right on time and instructions very easy to follow for mounting. Only improvement I could suggest is for ports so that you can use the phone to your ear while in the case. (Posted on 8/15/11)

    137. silent, solid & stable Review by timprize
      Please rate the overall product

      I love this product. It replaced another iphone case and bar bracket that fell apart on a bike ride and resulted in my iphone bouncing down the road. This is simpler to fit, more solid and more's the point it doesn't rattle and shake on bumpy roads. The case feels very secure and robust. So silent, solid and stable is my summary of the product. (Posted on 8/14/11)

    138. Top Quality Product Review by Joanne
      Please rate the overall product

      I didn't want to spend alot on a iPhone bike mount, but after reviewing a dozen others, nothing seemed to compare to this product.

      The quality a design far outweigh the cost. Great product!

      You can even listen to music without the headphones! Love it!
      (Posted on 8/11/11)

    139. Amazing Review by Chris
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought this mount for my 2011 Orbea Onix and I am completely satisfied with the product so far. I bought this mount to ensure I can take my phone for emergencies and I bought this awesome MapMyRide app that is a GPS so I can view my routes and look to see where the tough elevated rides are and the easy rides for speed training. Great product again, no movement when going over bumpy terrain. Well worth the extra cash! (Posted on 8/10/11)

    140. works as claimed Review by Robert Sandy
      Please rate the overall product

      It works exactly as claimed. It is stable and easy to position. (Posted on 8/10/11)

    141. Probably the best bike mount for iPhone 4, but... Review by Durgadas
      Please rate the overall product

      My little rubber grommet somehow disappeared after a few days, and now the main reason I bought the product is a concern: waterproofing. I live in Seattle, and this year the rain has only let up in the last month for a few days before we're right back at it again.

      There is now a large hole in the waterproofing of this product after the rubber protector fell off. I wouldn't want to be without this on my bike rides and unlike previous models (based on reviews I read before purchase) this keeps my iPhone secure even over bumps while riding.

      In any case, the grommet area were I'd put my headphones didn't appear like it would keep out water when I have my headphones plugged in, even before I lost it.
      (Posted on 8/10/11)

    142. great product, I am waiting your battery case Review by doc5211
      Please rate the overall product

      I used in my motorcycle and I love it. (Posted on 8/9/11)

    143. Great Product, very happy Review by AcesAreWld
      Please rate the overall product

      I got this case for my road bike and I'm very happy with it. It's everything I wanted and everything they showed/promised it would be. The fit is SECURE, the case is weather and sweat proof, the fit is perfect, etc.

      I do wish there was an ANT+ antenna/dongle option that worked with this case or that fit in this case and had a charging port in the bottom of it, but that does not exist yet.

      The other thing I noticed is that there is a slight vignette effect with pictures take with the back camera from the plastic lens, but it's no big deal.

      I looked at this case and the ANT+ WAHOO Case and other than the lack of ANT+ in this one I can say this case is much better quality, more secure, better camera lens covers, easier to get the phone in and out of, etc.

      Very happy with this case.
      (Posted on 8/9/11)

    144. great product five star Review by MikeG
      Please rate the overall product

      great product. Well designed fits the iphone very nice

      My only comment maybe you could have available to purchase a second mounting unit for a second bike (Posted on 8/8/11)

    145. Great bike mount for iPhone 4 Review by bobchatt
      Please rate the overall product

      I purchased the iPhone 4 Bike Mount and after using it a couple of times realized that i needed more bike brackets. So i bought 3 install on my other bikes. Now I can switch bikes and and attach use my iPhone on all of my bikes.

      Fantastic way to take your iPhone 4 with you on bike rides and use an iPhone app to track mileage and speed. (Posted on 8/7/11)

    146. needs little more room for ant+ snsor Review by mike d
      Please rate the overall product

      when I put ant+ sensor adaptor on the iPhone 4 it wouldn't fit. I had to trim tiny bit off iPhone 4 pad insert at bottom to get it in. maybe look at adapting insert for that accessory. (Posted on 8/7/11)

    147. Great product Review by glenn
      Please rate the overall product

      after spending much sorting through all of the iphone bike mounts, i stumbled across this one. it looked good, so i got it......and it is great! secures nice and tight on to the bike in juts about any location, and with the ability to flip it around to any angle. Phone is definitely secure in this mount. rubber inside fits die cast to make a perfect fit on the phone. the closing mechanism ensures the phone will not come out of bounce around.
      while there is a tiny space between the shield and the phone, it still gives full functionality of your phone for accessing apps and phone calls during your ride.
      i really do like this product and it is very well designed. and with the additional mounts you can buy, you can move your case from bike to bike with ease.
      (Posted on 8/7/11)

    148. Outstanding product Review by M1097A2
      Please rate the overall product

      I couldn't wait for the ReeCharge case so I bought this one; I would say that I made an excellent choice. The fit and finish of the case shows that it is a well though out design. The phone fits snugly, the screen is easy to see and use. The headphones plug in easily. The charging plug fits in the case very well too. I currently use this with the ReeCharge power pack and I simply love that my phone gets charged while I'm riding. I will buy the ReeCharge case when it comes out and hand this over to the GF. I'm hooked on BioLogic. (Posted on 8/6/11)

    149. very happy Review by diamond dan
      Please rate the overall product

      i spent some time researching different bike mounts and decided to go with the biologic mount for the reasons that it was water resistant easy to use/mount and had the capability to swivel to different positions. i'm very happy with my purchase and still believe this is the best bike mount on the market. it offers the best protection and is a well thought out product that is worth paying a little extra for. (Posted on 8/5/11)

    150. Top product Review by Harry Jones
      Please rate the overall product

      Really pleased with this mount. Sturdy and well built, completely waterproof and easy to snap your iPhone in and out.

      The ONLY issue I have is that it covers the iPhone's ambient light sensor which causes the screen to be dimmed after a few seconds. When cycling in daylight this makes the screen hard to see, so it is necessary to disable the auto brightness in the iPhone Settings app.
      (Posted on 8/4/11)

    151. Great product and service Review by Malt
      Please rate the overall product

      I have seen many mounts for the iPhone before, but this one is way ahead of the others on the Market.

      It's easy to mount and leaves the phone fully functional when in place, so ideal for all my cycling apps.

      Well done on a great product.
      (Posted on 8/4/11)

    152. Great product Review by coldbrewski
      Please rate the overall product

      Really can't find any complaints with this product. It's built well and the design was well thought out. (Posted on 8/3/11)

    153. As advertised. Review by Rick
      Please rate the overall product

      This product works as advertised, I am very satisfied with it. (Posted on 8/1/11)

    154. Great Review by ABuffaloChip
      Please rate the overall product

      I use the Biolgic mount for my motorcycle and it has works perfectly. I was apprehensive about big bumps in the road but the mount has not had any problem with even bumps that hurt my hands. I am very impressed. I use it to listen to music and to navigate with the GPS. Some people complain with the screen brightness but it is just fine. I find that the screen brightness acts exactly the same weather you have it in the Biologic case or not. Great produce!! (Posted on 8/1/11)

    155. Great Product Review by alzoid 7
      Please rate the overall product

      Hands down the best iphone mount for bike (Posted on 7/31/11)

    156. Good! Review by Jesper
      Please rate the overall product

      I am very satisfied with the bike mount. Though, like others say, turn off the autobrightness because the sensor doesnt work in the bike mount. Also, I have a screen cover to protect the phone. This is not so good in the bike mount because the screen "glues" halfway on to the bike mount which makes it looks like it's water or moist in the bike mount.

      But I'm sure this is one of the best bike mounts for iPhone out there.

      And... I had to pay same amount again to the customs in toll (package sent to Sweden) as the bike mount actually cost. That sucked! :(
      (Posted on 7/31/11)

    157. Very good Review by ozzy
      Please rate the overall product

      I've had a few cases, this one's the best. I use it while trail riding on my WR450. The touch screen works unrestricted through the plastic cover. My only problem with it is that its difficult to put the lead in when charging and the case has to be removed from the bike to be able to get the phone out - due to the position of the clip. This makes it tedious if you need to use the phone on the trail. Apart from that - very good. (Posted on 7/31/11)

    158. Like it Review by Maxence
      Please rate the overall product

      A excellent products, so great compare to other product of this categorie done by other marks. Resistant and very well finished with the possibility of recharge the iPhone. (Posted on 7/29/11)

    159. Excelent Product Review by Albertpr
      Please rate the overall product

      It works Great. No problems so far. (Posted on 7/26/11)

    160. Pleased with the product Review by EGL from Canada
      Please rate the overall product

      Out of all the iphone mounts/holders that I looked at,,,this one is the best.

      I did get caught in a rain storm and it seems totally waterproof. The only problem I have is the glare from the sunshine,,,its hard to see the screen at times,,,not sure if theres a fix for this,,,overall good product.... (Posted on 7/19/11)

    161. great product, however......... Review by david
      Please rate the overall product

      i realy enjoy the bike mount, but intranional buyers you shuold know that they ship the items only with FEDEX and in some countris such as israel, FEDEX will charge from you extra $$ to recice the items.

      if they had the optien to send the items with EMS it was a lot better!!! (Posted on 7/19/11)

    162. Works exactly as you'd expect Review by Kai
      Please rate the overall product

      I spent a lot of time looking at videos and reviews of various mounts for my iPhone 4 on my mountain bike. I've recently become addicted to the Cyclemeter app from the AppStore and wanted to keep an eye on the data while I was riding.

      The BioLogic case works like a charm, clamps firmly to the stem and the clasp holding it shut seems very solid. I rattle the heck out of the thing over rocks, jumps, etc and haven't had a problem yet.

      The only gotcha, if there is one is that you need to manually set the brightness all the way up. I think the case interferes with the phone's light sensor.

      I'd highly recommend this if you want a really good bike mount.
      (Posted on 7/19/11)

    163. awesome Review by Cindy
      Please rate the overall product

      I love this bike mount. It protects my phone from the weather and rotates to view in portrait or landscape.
      For best clarity, I recommend adjusting brightness under settings on your phone. Turn auto off and manually adjust brightness level. (Posted on 7/18/11)

    164. Works fine Review by Jeroen Kans
      Please rate the overall product

      It does what it promises: keeps your iPhone safe from rain and shock while on the move. Pity a second bracket isn't included so you are able to use it on more than one bike (I own two: one for "business" and one for pleasure). I only see now that I can order one separately. Over all I am very pleased with my new gadget. (Posted on 7/18/11)

    165. Excellent Product! Review by Adam
      Please rate the overall product

      Mounts easily, works great and I have peace of mind knowing my iPhone is secure and safe during a ride. Documentation is a little weak and the screen is a bit tough to keep clean, although it does its job keeping the phone dry and out of the elements. Definitely the best mount available, highly recommend. (Posted on 7/18/11)

    166. Quality Product and Service! Review by Tim
      Please rate the overall product

      The Bike Mount is in my view a well-engineered product that works exaclty as advertised. The constructional quality is good: it feels "solid" and dependable.

      Some reviewers have complained about sun glare. This is unfair on the product. The sun of course is the brightest light source in the natural world and expecting to negate its effects in a
      (Posted on 7/16/11)

    167. Great product with only one gripe... Review by Stuart
      Please rate the overall product

      Works as advertised and really holds the phone steady making it easily accessible. My only gripe is that the case blocks the light sensor which negates the Auto Brightness setting. And, in order to see the phone clearly I have to crank the brightness to almost 100% which adds extra battery drain. Lastly, I wish the plastic clear cover where anti-glare because in bright sunlight it is difficult to see the screen even with the brightness cranked up. (Posted on 7/14/11)

    168. Good iPhone4 mount Review by shortAndStumpy
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought the mount for my wife to mountain bike. The first time we installed it, we didn't follow the instructions and the mount ended up falling off. Once we installed it correctly, the mount stayed in place. The nice thing is that my wife can record a ride with the iPhone and use the GPS. Overall, I'm satified with the mount and it's a solid product. (Posted on 7/14/11)

    169. Excellent Experience Review by Liz
      Please rate the overall product

      I ordered this item for using on my commutes to work. It arrived on time, in spite of a postal strike in Canada, and it was very easy to install. I appreciated that you had videos on You Tube to assist those of us who are not technically inclined.

      The bike mount is great and I am now able to listen to the radio on my way to work. It was worth every penny. (Posted on 7/13/11)

    170. Good product - poor service Review by Jim Smith
      Please rate the overall product

      Great product, easy to mount, but I can't see the display in sunshine. I tried to e-mail customer service twice asking if there is a remedy and NEVER received any response, so go ahead and buy it for decent protection on a ride, but know that you will have to stop and shade the screen whenever you want to actually change songs or look at a GPS app or something.

      Disappointing... (Posted on 7/13/11)

    171. Great product! Review by Flamer
      Please rate the overall product

      I'm use it on my Suzuki GSX650FA. Product is totally rain proof, shock proof, handle bar mount is secure. And wery fast processing and delivery! (Posted on 7/12/11)

    172. Highly recommended Review by Stan
      Please rate the overall product

      I have been using this mount for a couple of weeks now and love it. Having easy access to my GPS apps is invaluable. Fortunately, I've not had to test the waterproof aspects of the case yet, but based on other reviews I am confident I've made the right choice. (Posted on 7/11/11)

    173. Convenient and safe Review by josie
      Please rate the overall product

      I love this bike mount! I got caught in the worst rainstorm of the season and my phone was completely safe and protected, mind you I removed the earphones, just in case. The only thing I don't like very much is the mount clip. It seems to loosen up every other day. Not loose enough to make it fall, but spin round the handle bar when you hit a bump, and seeing as I misplaced the alan key, I have to try to find a huge flat screwdriver and jam it in to tighten it. Don't lose your alan key! (Posted on 7/11/11)

    174. Excellent product, works as advertised Review by Jim in Raleigh NC
      Please rate the overall product

      Among the bike iphone mounts that I researched, this one offered a full enclosure that would keep the phone in place (even when I hit a pot hole) and keep it dry. I've used it now for about 4 weeks and have been very pleased with the performance. The mount is easy to install and it works just as advertised. (Posted on 7/11/11)

    175. Mostly a great product Review by DH
      Please rate the overall product

      First of all, great shipping! Fast!

      My handlebars are apparently thinner than most. I used a small rubber shim and all is well, but I would have liked it to fit better out of the box.

      Glare is the biggest issue. Solve that and it's five stars all the way.
      (Posted on 7/11/11)

    176. Great product! Review by Chopper
      Please rate the overall product

      I really like this case and mount. I use it every day for my commute to work and back (about 20 miles) with the cyclemeter app. The only improvements I could suggest are to reduce the glare in bright sunlight and to somehow figure out a way to use it without having to take my iphone bumper off and put it back on every time. (Posted on 7/11/11)

    177. Solid Review by Chengwufei
      Please rate the overall product

      Product is solid, totally rain proof, shock proof, handle bar mount is secure, get a GPS app for your iphone n' you're set (Posted on 7/8/11)

    178. Great product with room to improve Review by Bob
      Please rate the overall product

      Love having my iPhone visible and accessible on my mountain bike and motorcycle. The case is sturdy, the iPhone touchscreen function is not impeded by the plastic cover, and the phone stays dry in the rain. The bracket doesn't secure as tightly to the handlebars as I would like, but that has not become a functional issue. The iPhone screen is tough to see in direct sunlight wearing sunglasses and an improvement in that regard would be helpful and appreciated. All things considered, I'm very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 7/7/11)

    179. Does the job, but some quibbles. Review by cjb
      Please rate the overall product

      I didn't want to have to remove the phone from its usual case, and the bike mount case is too bulky for general use, so I trimmed the foam lining to allow it to fit without bouncing in the case. It might be a good idea to have perforations or separate sections to accommodate cases or future design changes.

      I also encountered the glare problem, making it almost impossible to see the screen in sunlight. I don't know how much of that is the fault of the case, or if there is any way the screen cover could reduce the glare. It may just be a matter of cranking up the iPhone's brightness.

      It was a bit fussy getting the mounting bracket and case in the right orientation, but, in general, mounting was simple and provides plenty of flexibility.

      Overall, I think it is a great way to mount an iPhone to a bike and meets my needs quite well.
      (Posted on 7/5/11)

    180. Excellent product Review by Dale
      Please rate the overall product

      Fast shipping. Easy installation. Very nice upgrade from he original 3GS model. (Posted on 7/4/11)

    181. Shades Please! Review by Rg
      Please rate the overall product

      The case is excellent, simple to mount; easy to transfer between bikes. I've got over 3,000 miles with the case (rain and shine) and its easily the best currently on the market. The case would be worth 5 stars if it were easier to read in the bright sun. I've tried glare shields, but they just wash out the display. Perhaps if the cover itself had an anti-glare option? (Posted on 7/4/11)

    182. Awesome product Review by Anthony
      Please rate the overall product

      I've used the mount several times and have yet to find fault with it. It's stable and sturdy and works great! (Posted on 6/28/11)

    183. Great product... better than expected. Review by Ryan J. George
      Please rate the overall product

      I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect since I wasn't able to review the product in a store or through a friend so I was expecting the worst but was completely wrong. The mount is strong, great construction, well made and even the packing and shipping was really really nice. I would strongly recommend this product to any level or rider. I used to use an iPhone 4 armband and it would always fall down my arm or be too tight so to be able to mount it to my handle bars made everything more comfortable and hassle free.

      My only recommendation I would give is to add a clip / hook somewhere along the bottom of the case to clip the cord of the earbuds so that it doesn't swing around while you ride. I ended up sticking a 3M cord hook on the bottom to keep the cord out of the way and to wrap it up in when the earbuds are not in use.
      (Posted on 6/28/11)

    184. Much improved. Good latch system. Mounting bracket needs to be redesigned. Review by Randy
      Please rate the overall product

      Great product overall. Very rugged...iPhone is nicely protected and usable. I owned a previous version of this case and the latch would tend to pop open. This newer latch design on the case makes it much less prone to popping open on rough roads. Would love to have access to the volume buttons while the iPhone is ion the case. Lastly the bracket seems to be poorly designed. Be careful how you tighten this bracket. Too loose and the case tends to slip and slide a bit...too tight and you will easily strip the plastic threads. (Posted on 6/28/11)

    185. Top product Review by Markus
      Please rate the overall product

      The delivery to Switzerland was very fast. I also used the case serveral times for jogging. Everything of Bike Mount is great designed and the quality is solid - well done! (Posted on 6/27/11)

    186. Loving it! Review by jvr
      Please rate the overall product

      After a little snag with user error on the install I now have it installed correctly and the mount is very secure and sturdy. This offers the perfect place to keep my iphone while on a ride. With the addition of downloading the bikebrain app I no longer need my cyclometer! Great purchase, fast shipping, very happy. (Posted on 6/27/11)

    187. Very nice product but... Review by mbence
      Please rate the overall product

      I'm from Hungary, so the total expenses were 65 + 15 (FedEx transport) + 36 USD (25% VAT + FedEx custom charges) = 116 USD. Quite expensive for this stuff. However the case itself funcions well. I hoped, I could listen to music loudly, but the socket blunts the voice of the phone. I should buy the external speakers :) The BikeBrain app needs some improvements, e.g. rate of speed refresh. I stopped my bike on the road, however the app still shows 9.4 kph. Overall, the case itself works well for me. I use it every single day, nothing to worry about the touch functionality (sometimes it's even better than without the case), I could really appreciate if you changed the delivery, not to pay too much extra. I'm thinking about to buy a charger... (Posted on 6/27/11)

    188. A tough case Review by ByronJ
      Please rate the overall product

      I've been using this for biking and hiking to protect my iphone from the elements. The case stays on the holder while biking, i can touch and see the screen, and i love how i can plug in an external battery to make sure i always have enough juice. I've dropped it a couple of times and it's still solid and protected my iphone. I've also hike up a mountain during a typhoon and could take it out in the rain to use my iphone as a gps.

      Great product! (Posted on 6/24/11)

    189. good and expensive Review by Austrainmountainbikegeocachroadrunner
      Please rate the overall product

      shipment is very fast but you will pay (Posted on 6/23/11)

    190. Excllent with minor Issues for motorbike usage Review by Monkboy
      Please rate the overall product

      Firstly, it is an excellent bike mount and lives up to all their claims. Waterproof, sturdy, shockproof, far more stylish than most and i noticed almost no reduction in touch screen sensitivity when my iphone was in the case - which was a pleasant surprise.

      However, i bought mine for use on a motorbike, not a mountain bike. Although the promo video does make the claim, in passing, that it can be used on a motorbike - and for the most part this is true - there are a couple of minor issues that cold be addressed if the really want to target this market:

      1. The mount doesn't quite accommodate the shape of my handlebars. I can only put this down to shape, as there seemed to be enough strap to accommodate an even wider diameter bar, but Motorbike handle bars aren't always perfectly circular and i think this caused a problem with a secure fitting. A rethink of the rubber inner grip could easily allow the mount to grip a wider range of handlebar shapes. Easy, if not very elegant fix, with a bit of tape.

      2. As i have it mounted on my motorbike, on long journeys using satnav, it also needs to be connected to the battery of my bike, I found it impossible to find a charger with a small enough ipod connector to fit in the space provided. It only seems to be big enough to fit the very thin apple connectors. Again, an easy, if not very elegant solution is to remove the casing from a larger connector and wrap the exposed core connector with insulation tape.

      I should point out that, aside from these 2 minor issues, it worked like a charm - happily taking the vibration from a speeding motorbike (motorbiking, i guess, even at high speeds, is smoother than bouncing around on a mountain bike!) and keeping my iphone safe and dry. It was the envy of many a biker i met en route.

      Provisos for other (motor)bikers considering it: i have it behind i fairly good screen, so i don't know whether it would stand up the drag at 110mph, if mounted in the open, but it felt pretty secure. I did 1200 miles to Germany and back and it didn't come off.

      I haven't tried it off -road, but i coped quite happily with cobbles, potholes, speed bumps and mountain roads, so i may take the punishment of off-road.

      I summary: excellent with a few, workround-able, issues for motorbike usage.


      (Posted on 6/21/11)

    191. Faulty seal Review by Michael
      Please rate the overall product

      The seal on my case was faulty. Tried to resolve the problem but was told there was nothing wrong. One side of the case seals but the other doesn't. Second time writing a complaint first time hasn't appeared. Beware. Horrible customer service. (Posted on 6/21/11)

    192. Good but could stand two improvements Review by EMc
      Please rate the overall product

      The bike mount is very handy but be carefful not to tightern the mount to your bike too tight or you can strip the plastic threads on the band. Also, the plastic cover could be made glare proof and improve the view on sunny days. Other than that, the case is very durable and holds the iphone securely although it helps to remove any other carrying case you might have to install in the mount. Overall, a great case. (Posted on 6/20/11)

    193. Excellent secure and protective bike mount Review by BH
      Please rate the overall product

      With this product, my iPhone is both totally protected from the elements and also very solidly attached to my bicycle. None of the other iPhone bike mounts can come close. (Posted on 6/20/11)

    194. Good but room for improvement Review by Carlosus
      Please rate the overall product

      Whilst I am very happy with the rugged design and construction - I feel that more work or an alternate model is needed for the motorcycle market. Having just come back from a 1200K ride it would have been really nice if I could use the screen with my gloves on. Also the mounting clip is a little too fiddly as is the iPhone case mount. A side release button would be better. All in all a good product though. (Posted on 6/20/11)

    195. Very good product Review by Gabor
      Please rate the overall product

      I habe been using it 3 times and I like it; it's strong (enough), waterproof and it fullfilled my expectations! (Posted on 6/20/11)

    196. Works as advertised but... Review by Lolander
      Please rate the overall product

      Case is great, easy, secure mounting, very well designed. The only issue, and this really isn't the case's fault, is that the iphone screen is virtually unreadable in direct sunlight, especially with the added layer of plastic between you and the screen. Add a pair of sunglasses on top of that and I might as well have the phone in my pocket.
      Again, not the case's fault, and for those cloudy (or shady) rides, this case is the ultimate mounting solution for the iphone.
      (Posted on 6/19/11)

    197. Nice but.. Review by ads
      Please rate the overall product

      Hi there,

      I am from Portugal, Europe, and beside the $64 i paid the transportation normal, but beside thar i pain (Posted on 6/19/11)

    198. Bike Mount Review by revilonamzug
      Please rate the overall product

      I've been using this for about 4 months now and I like it. Had minor issue with clear window coming unglued but customer service took care of it immediately. Other than that the case is solid and I feel the phone is very well protected. BTW when I got my replacement case, it came with added clips on the top and bottom for added security. Maybe even overkill but I guess you're better safe than sorry! Well worth the money!!! (Posted on 6/17/11)

    199. Great product great customer service Review by cvw41
      Please rate the overall product

      I have been using the iPhone 4 bike mount for around two months now. It works great. The lock is extremely secure. The phone does not vibrate within the case. I can read the screen clearly and use the touch screen. I recently crashed hard on a diesel spill and the phone was 100% intact in the case still locked shut.
      If you transport your bike by car make sure you have the case locked. I forgot to do so and I lost the silicone liner. I sent biologic an email and a new liner was sent out to me almost immediately and apparently free of charge. I am very impressed with the product and even more impressed with the level of support and customer service from the company. I would recommend this product to everyone.
      (Posted on 6/17/11)

    200. Canadian's Beware! Review by Buckyschwartz
      Please rate the overall product

      I have no complaint with the general sturdiness, mount and design of the case.
      I live in Canada, and like the reviewer from England above, my complaint was with the duty I had to pay. The duty came out to 20$, almost 1/3rd the cost of the product itself! I'm guessing this happens because the product was shipped from Taiwan, and not the USA, and is outside of NAFTA.
      (Posted on 6/16/11)

    201. Great product! Review by Ralitza
      Please rate the overall product

      After doing some research I decided to buy this item for me and my husband. Both iPhones we have (3GS and 4) fit perfectly in their liners, the membrane gives complete access to everything. The product is just fine and we enjoy it.

      The mounting bracket should be set on the handle base, otherwise it slides and the case with the phone looses.

      The delivery was fast. For the tax payed I expected to receive it from FedEx with almost everything ready, but I had to pass all customs papers additionally paying for everything and spending half of my day runing from FedEx to customs and vice versa. If there is a way to select a different courier (USPS for example) will be great.
      For these both reasons (mouning bracket and the courier service) I give 4 stars rating. But the product itself deserve 5 stars for sure.
      (Posted on 6/14/11)

    202. Brilliant piece of kit! Review by Chris
      Please rate the overall product

      Exactly as described and works perfectly. The seal and the phone operation are exactly as promised, very impressed. Delivery to Australia fast. Many thanks, will be recommending to all my mates, or those that haven't already seen it and bought it. I bought two mounts and have one on a Ducati and the other on a Mountain Bike, in both instances - other than the bike gloves, the thing works perfectly. Cheers. (Posted on 6/13/11)

    203. Perfect after 1 adjustment - highly recommended Review by Jon
      Please rate the overall product

      600+ miles so far, works like a charm. Very high quality. A lot of money for a relatively small piece of plastic, but hey, it's protecting my iPhone. Shipped very fast from Taiwan (had to pay $10 for shipping), but it got to my house faster than another product I ordered at the same time in my own state! I reviewed many, many bike mounts for the iPhone 4 and this one looked the best to me. It's great. I wasn't completely confident in the slide release mechanism after I got it. I was afraid the case would pop or slide out of the mount if I accidentally hit a large pothole given the nature of the "latch" mechanism. I decided to drill a very tiny hole that passes through both sides of the slide on the bottom of the case and the mount itself. I slide a paper clip through the hole and bend it back around the slide. Absolutely no problems over some very rough road section, now I'm very confident in the case. Love all the features: the case closing mechanism, totally waterproof and the fact that I can hook up the synch cable so I can attach a spare battery for 6 hour + rides using MapMyRide. I use the Just Mobile Gum Pro 4400 mAh - also highly recommended. Tried to shoot some video with the case on, but got too much distortion that I think was from the flexing of the clear lens on the cover. I still love the case. If you're going to get a bike mount case for the iPhone I haven't seen one better than this. (Posted on 6/13/11)

    204. Great Product Wish I Could See The Screen Review by Kopf
      Please rate the overall product

      The product is great. It does what it is supposed to do. The problem is that in bright sun it is just not possible to see the screen. (Posted on 6/12/11)

    205. Great Product Wish I Could See The Screen Review by Kopf
      Please rate the overall product

      The product is great. It does what it is supposed to do. The problem is that in bright sun it is just not possible to see the screen. (Posted on 6/12/11)

    206. Super Produkt Review by mamus
      Please rate the overall product

      Ich bestellte das Bike Mount f (Posted on 6/12/11)

    207. Overall Great Review by OrthoBob
      Please rate the overall product

      Seals the iPhone well. There are a couple of issues with the mounting mechanism to the bike:
      The piece that you tighten with the allen wrench can only get so tight, and then it "pops" back to the previous turn. Also, my handlebars taper from where it is mounted out towards where the handle is. If I am going over a bumpy road, this loosens the mount - it slides towards the more narrow portion of the bar and gets loose. I'm going to try wrapping electrical tape around the bar where it gets more narrow so hopefully this will stop it from sliding, but it would be nice if there were a more elegant solution.
      (Posted on 6/9/11)

    208. A good product Review by Kristianos
      Please rate the overall product

      I like it : strong, waterproof it's very good for hard biking! (Posted on 6/9/11)

    209. It's a great product ! Review by Moszi
      Please rate the overall product

      After a friend's suggestions (thanks Viktor:) !) - and reading reviews on the internet i decided to buy the BikeMount.
      I am using it on a daily basis when i cycle to my workplace and back to home and have to say i really love it. It feels rock solid - and when the phone it's inside the case i can be used without problems ... I've seen a video on youtube (search for bikemount) where the guy drops the bikemount with the phone on the floors and nothing happens - so my first reaction was to try this out :) ... and indeed nothing happened, so i can safely say, that this is a rock solid case for the phone !

      Love the product :) ! (Posted on 6/8/11)

    210. awesome product! Review by tammy
      Please rate the overall product

      i love this product! after doing some research, i feel that this is the best of all i have seen. i like the fact that i'm able to take pictures and videos of myself while on the bike since there is an opening for the camera on the cover.

      i was able to mount this on my bike without any problem.

      i didn't have any problem with the shipping and it took several days. it only cost me $10 via fedex from taiwan to usa.
      (Posted on 6/7/11)

    211. Excellent Customer Service Review by TJ
      Please rate the overall product

      After searching all over the net I finally decided on the TB Bike Mount for my iphone 4. The mount comes with an insert that fits the iphone 4 like a glove. I am a fairly new Mountain Biker, and several times already I have crashed, and the case has protected the iphone perfectly. I even dropped the unit while showing somebody how it works, and there was not a second of thought that my iphone was damaged.

      Now, while I think the product is fantastic, I cannot say enough about the customer service I have received from Think Biologic. Every time I have emailed the TB Team I have received a response back within 24 hours, and after the mounting clip on the bike mount broke instead of separating, they didn't hesitate to send me a replacement which I recieved within just a few days. The service I have gotten while a customer has been a breath of fresh air when compared so some of the other companies you have to deal with now a days.

      If you are on the fence about which Bike Mount to use for your iphone, go no further. Buy with confidence from Think Biologic and don't look back!
      (Posted on 5/23/11)

    212. Great product, even better customer support Review by HardRock
      Please rate the overall product

      I had done a lot of research into bicycle mounts for my wife's and my iPhone 4. After reading both user and pro reviews, there seemed to be only one good choice, Biologic. The mount provides the best design, materials and workmanship ... period.
      What I didn't expect was the kind of customer support Biologic provides its customer base. One of the two units I purchased had a missing little rubber tab that represents the location of the home button. Mind you, this tab is mostly cosmetic and has little to do with the function or safety of the iPhone, however, upon notification of the issue, Biologic immediately provided a replacement via FedEx along with all the email follow-up you would expect from a quality company.
      In a time of throw away quality and customer service, it truly is a joy to work with a company that is strong on all fronts. I am now a loyal customer and will tell anyone who will listen about the virtues of Biologic.
      (Posted on 5/20/11)

    213. Beyone the Expected Review by Hawki
      Please rate the overall product

      When I chose BioLogic for my wife's and my solution to mount our iPhone 4's, I did so because your design was the best and the build quality of the product was top rate. What I didn't count on was the commitment to customer service you have.

      One of our two cases was missing the small rubber home button tab. This tab is not key to the safety or operation of the case but you still took it seriously. I notified you in hopes of getting another little rubber pad that I could glue on myself. To my surprise, I instead received a whole new case via FedEx ... I'm blown away to say the least.

      In a time of throw away quality and service, it is indeed very refreshing to deal with a company of your class. (Posted on 5/15/11)

    214. Excellent bike mount Review by RichardS
      Please rate the overall product

      I have being using the Bike Mount for iPhone 4 for the last 3 months. I have used it for both road cycling and mountain biking. The case is well built and has held my iphone securely. I have ridden in rain and through mud without any problems. The touch screen is quite responsive through the covering membrane. Overall, I have been very impressed by the bike mount.

      (The customer service from biologic is also very good. They have replied quickly to my questions). (Posted on 4/20/11)

    215. The best of all comparable Bike Mounts Review by Ogni
      Please rate the overall product

      When i was looking for a bike mount, i came across severall at first sight identical bike mounts. So i was reading a little bit and surfin the internet and found the iBike Console, the Tigra Bike Console and the Biologic Bike Mount.
      The Tigra was imediately excluded as the seem to have some quality issues related to the fact that they have done a bad rebuilt of the Bike Console.
      So i decided to try the iBike Console and the Biologic Bike Mount and ordered both.
      Delivery was much faster at Biologic and took just a few days from order to delivery in Switzerland. The iBike Console took weeks
      Finaly i had both and i have to say that the Biologic closing mechanism makes the difference. It is much better then the one from iBike Console and doesn't wear out like the one from iBike Console. I also got a free 3G(S) inlet by Biologic, so i can use both iPhones or even ipod in the same Mount.
      So if you are in between those three, i would recomend the Biologic Bike Mount.
      One thing i was missing, is a way to use it with ANT to register other data beside the GPS Signal. But this is another story and if you just need a mount to mount your iphone and protect it, go for it. (Posted on 3/23/11)

    216. Great mount, well priced, fantastic customer service. Review by Brett
      Please rate the overall product

      The BikeMount for iphone 4 is a significant improvement over the previous BikeMount for iphone 3/3GS. I had problems with the old model opening on rough roads and I can see from the new improvements that this will not be the case with this mount. All of the great protection that was there in the old mount is still there with improved security. I have ridden many Km with my iphone, the Cyclemeter app and the Bikemount and am very happy to have the new model to continue this relationship. In addition, the issues that I raised with the Biologic team regarding the old mount opening, were resolved rapidly and with fantastic customer service - well done to the Biologic team. (Posted on 3/11/11)

    217. Nice product - shame about the shipping Review by We11ington
      Please rate the overall product

      I bought this with US dollars and was fully expecting it to arrive from the US.. It eventually arrived straight from Taiwan. Because FEDEX were used they assesed the VAT at (Posted on 3/3/11)

    218. Great product Review by MacLover
      Please rate the overall product

      It's a great product. Feels solid an looks nice.

      Within 4 days from ordering to delivery, from Taiwan to the Netherlands. Great!!

      Thanks Guys... (Posted on 2/2/11)

    219. Bike Mount Review by MTB-Mark-Germany
      Please rate the overall product

      First I have seen this product in "Youtube" and i thought it will be a nice product for me. I ride my bicycle 4 times a week and i want to use my iPhone 4 with them.

      So i vent on this homepage for more product informations and i wrote "Biologic" an email with my questions. Within a short time a get the answers - this is customer service :-)! So i ordered the "Bike Mount (Posted on 1/22/11)

    220. A must-have for your next brevet Review by BikingBill
      Please rate the overall product

      I purchased this item only a few weeks ago. Last Saturday I rode the San Diego Rainbow 200km brevet and it worked flawlessly.

      Using my iPhone4 and a GPS program that supported importing the ride route, I was never unsure of the route. Beats looking at the ODO and a paper cue-sheet sheet. The mount is solid and easy to use during the ride. I'd keep the screen off until I needed it. Was able to ride all 122miles (and 7000 ft of climbing) with the iPhone guiding me along the way.

      At night it is awesome. While many GPS devices are hard to read in the dark, I felt like an airline pilot with a fancy 'glass-cockpit' as I navigated the UCSD campus to the ending check point.

      The mount is secure, light and protects the iPhone nicely. (Posted on 1/20/11)